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Photo Advertisement for Boxes

Photo taken by Rick J. Morris


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Doll Art Gallery

Commissioned Artwork

2002 - Present

Welcome to my Doll Art Gallery. Here you will find commissioned works of art that are of the Doll theme. My clients are typically doll collectors who want something different or a one of a kind piece that they can call their own.

It all began with my sister collecting Barbie Dolls in 1994. Years later in 2002 a lady had approached me. She had seen some of my artwork that I had done at the Herron School of Art. She wondered if I could produce a One of a Kind Jewelry Box series for her to take to sell at the 2002 National Barbie Doll Convention. Immediately I said yes and took on the job! She had sent me some boxes that were made in Spain. They were very beautiful. She wanted me to paint over top of them. I made a total of 18 boxes all together. I think my first box sold for $40.00. It was the one called Sisters Combing Hair. I could not believe it! Later, other ladies who had seen my boxes wanted me to do some commissioned artwork for them. I think this was my first experience at creating artwork to sell. Where as before I was only making it for myself.