Examples of 3D Animation and Design: Hamster Planet
3D Max Course: Spring 2005

Name: Rick J. Morris, Andrew Tuttle, and Malarie Piercy
Title: Hamster Planet
Description: This was a group project. We took Andrew's Snapple bottle and turned it into a Hamster. We also used Malorie's Niga Sword and my pencils to create quite a hilarious tale about these hamsters attacking one another. Diet Snapple was against Regular Snapple for a whole new out look on how we drink Snapple.
Date: Spring 2005
Application: 3D Max (Final Presentation was done in Quick Time.)

Sketches by Rick J. Morris

Deleted Scenes

It was originally thought that we would open the scene with space as the background. This would be where the Hamsters would be fighting in space and then coming down to earth or some sort of a planet. Due to the time frame issue it was cancelled.

A Major Attack Scene was at one time thought to be in the production with many hamsters all over the place. We quickly found that the amount of Hamsters we wanted would take up too much memory, so the shot was cancelled.

The Blimp did not really have much part in the final production, but it was earlier thought that the Blimp would have more of an emphasis. We were going to have a screen on the blimp that would protray what was going on down below. This later was decided it was going to take way too much time and was dropped.
Different Varations of the Office

It was thought at one time that we would have the audience be an unknown character who had walked into his or her office after seeing the hamsters fight and think he or she had just seen a dream. This would have involved turning the camera all the way around from the front to back side of the office. Due to a time factor issue the scene was cut, but the office scene did make it into the final version, just not the back side.

We had originally thought about coming in close and zooming in on the objects, but was later decided to be not that important and was cut. We felt the audience got the idea with just one clear shot or added some mystery to the scene.

A poster of space was thought to add some more character to the room. After cutting the space scene all together, the poster idea was dropped. However, the basic set up of this sketch for the office was the final version. The Blimp, Sword(s), Pencils (Pencil Case), and Snapple Bottle were all in the movie as characters or props, but now they are as they would be in life. We wanted a Wizard of Oz feeling, sort of like when Dorothy wakes up from her dream she sees the people who remind her of Oz.
Clips from Movie


Sky Appears

Snapple Bottle Hamsters start coming out

Hamsters start Fighting

Hamsters start to chase each other

Hamsters fight some more

One Hamster loses the Battle and roles off the cliff

The Snapple Hamster Bottle Breakes

Suddenly we are transfered to back at the Office and it was all a Dream or was it? Note: The Snapple Bottle and pencil sitting on the table and the swords on the wall

If you would like to recieve a copy of this program or need more information please contact Rick for more details. Files were not able to be placed on web due to space. In the future, I hope to gain more space and be able for you to directly download these programs from my website. Thanks, Rick