Examples of 3D Animation and Design: Pencil Project
3D Max Course: Spring 2005

Name: Rick J. Morris
Title: Pencil Case
Description: This is my Solo Project for my 3D Max Course. Basically it gives you a closer look at these pencils in this pencil case. It does this by coming in real close with the camera and then lifting the cover or top up to show the pencils. Zooming around the case helps give it even more of a detailed study of this pencil case.
Date: Spring 2005
Application: 3D Max (Final Presentation was done in Quick Time.)

Digital Photos by Rick J. Morris

These were photos taken to get an idea how to build the pencil case in 3D Max



Back Side

Clips from Movie

Introduction - Pencil Case sits on Table

Pencil Case Opens up to show pencils inside

End - A Full Detailed Zoom goes Around

If you would like to recieve a copy of this program or need more information please contact Rick for more details. Files were not able to be placed on web due to space. In the future, I hope to gain more space and be able for you to directly download these programs from my website. Thanks, Rick