February 23, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

I write this letter of support for Mr. Rick Morris for consideration for full/part time employment or internship work.

I have known Rick for a little over five years; both as an undergraduate student and now while completing his graduate work in Media Arts and Science. His work in my classes has been very good. The quality of academic work he has completed in my classes equal to that of my best students. One of the most admirable qualities I have noticed in Rick is amicable nature.  

I hold Rick in the highest regard for initiative, creativity, articulation, management, and production in the area of digital media. His portfolio consists of exemplary works that are a true indication of the quality he produces. I strongly support and recommend Rick in any future endeavors in the area of media and graphic design.


Dr. Joseph Defazio
Informatics/Media Arts and Science
Assistant Professor

Phone: (317) 278-4148 
Email: jdefazio@iupui.edu