Web Design

The Doors Website Project

Dec. 2005

Jennifer Wright

Jennifer Wright, one of my good friends had asked me for help with her flash project. So we got together a couple of days to work on it. She wanted to do a flash website that was themed "The Doors" a groovy band back in the 1960s. In this example of web design, illustrates several different techniques you can do in Macromedia Flash.

Jennifer and I discussed many options. I told her that layout and technique is very important. On the first page we have Jim Morrison, one of the leading musicians in The Doors band. We wanted the background to come at you. The background image would start out small and then grow until it reaches full size. We do this by creating a section in our timeline called jim morrison. We then set key points at the beginning and end of this section. At the beginning we put a small picture. We do this by sizing it down and then we put a large pic and the end. We have flash do the rest.

Name: Jennifer Wright
and Rick J. Morris
Title: The Doors Flash Website
Description: I helped Jennifer Wright with her Flash Project. This is kinda what we came up with. The final result I never recieved a copy. This is all I have of the project. Basically it was a small flash website project the tells a little about each member of the band.
Date: 12/2005
Application: Flash MX 2004